Friday, August 28, 2015

Getting it Right at Turtle Speed

I'm a slow learner. My brain processes information at turtle speed. I don't consider myself dumb by any standards, but I have to think things through and let them take root. I'm an avid reader, but because I also read fast, my brain doesn't always absorb every detail. Do you ever find yourself at the end of a page saying, "what did I just read?"

Don't be ashamed to admit you are a slow learner like me.

I'm the one who gets the punchline of the joke...the next day.

Take movies, for instance, though I don't watch many, if I really like it, I'll watch it over and over. There's usually something new to be found each time I watch.

Slow is not always a bad thing. Look at the Black Eyed Susans. They are one of the first flowers to poke their green buds through the cold ground in the spring, but it takes them all summer to stand at attention and show their glorious blooms. Their Creator had a specific purpose for them at a specific time in the growing season.

I'm in a Friday morning Bible study group. We prefer the Beth Moore studies. Some of the series have been repeated two and even three times, but we all agree we learn something new each time. We're at a different place in our lives with each study. Though God's Word never changes, it is alive and speaks to my life where I am at any given moment in time. The Author is the same yesterday, today, and forever, but my stage of life is in a perpetual state of change.

I'm thankful for His faithfulness to me and how He understands the way my brain works. He created my brain, my heart, my emotions, all of my being to work together. He knitted me together...He never rushes me or gets impatient with me. He is long suffering and tender. I've been taking time this summer to sit in His presence. Sometimes He is quiet but I know He's there.

Slow can be a good thing.

As the busy summer months come to an end and the autumn months approach look at the stage of life you're in. What does the Creator want to say to you? Slow down long enough to let Him speak to you and let His words soak deep into your marrow. You may have to sit awhile and hear it several times or read it over and over. Your investment of time will be worth it.

Step out in abandon and do whatever He tells you.

When I sit with a good friend over coffee, it takes awhile for us to kick off our shoes into conversation that changes me. Coffee gets cold as friendship warms my soul. It's the meeting of two hearts...the sharing of lives. That's the way it is with my Savior. I need to sit in His presence and let Him speak deeply. He needs to have my full attention, just as my friends do.

One thing I hear Him saying over and over is to live simpler, get rid of clutter, and do more for others, get the focus off yourself. That's my goal.

Slow down in this busy, cluttered world of ours to find out what your purpose is. Then set your sights on doing the thing you were made to do, even if it's at turtle speed. You'll get there and bloom like summer flowers.