Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Kind Of Messy Life

This is My Little really...this is literally my little corner of the house I call my home office. This is the space where I write, sew, dream, read, cry, pray, laugh, talk and work. These walls hold my conversations and a lot of my life and in this little corner I feel safe.

Me and Buck
I love antiques and my house is full of them. The roll top desk is a 15th anniversary gift from my husband and works beautifully for a bookkeeper. (That would be my day job). I'm surrounded by photos of those I love, some whose faces I can no longer touch, whose voices I hear in my memories. My sewing machine sits waiting for a new project while pictures lay on the floor begging to be put in albums. Baby albums are strewn about because I love to reminisce.

If you look closely at my photos, you'll see my little corner is messy. I took these pictures to show you just how messy it is. The rest of my house is neat, clean and organized most of the time but I allow myself this space to be however I feel at the moment. Sometimes I straighten, organize and clean it and sometimes...well...I don't...and you know what I've discovered? Life is not always neat, clean and organized.

I'm writing a book; A book about a messy life. Most of my life has been neat, clean and organized. Controlled. Just the way I like things. There are some parts I'd like to forget. But something else I've learned...we can't always control life anymore than we can control the weather, or people for that matter.

I decided if I could be vulnerable enough to show you messy office pictures then maybe one day if my book ever gets published, my heart will still be beating when my story is in print. Maybe my journey will help someone else find their way home and to a safe place.

I'm learning to let go and enjoy life a little. I love writing in my messy little corner. They always know where to find me. Just give me a Starbucks latte or a cup of tea and I'm all set. Now, if my messiness starts spilling over into the rest of the house...not so good. ;)

Blessings from My Little Corner,
Cindy and Buck (the cat)


  1. Great writing. Not "if" you are published, but "when." You have so many wonderful ideas. Without your messy life, you would not be the compassionate, understanding person you are today. Love ya.

  2. Thanks Katy! I love your encouragement and optimism! I'm just getting started...but loving the process. Love you back!

  3. I like to think a messy desk means work is being accomplished.

  4. I love the way you think! I know exactly where everything is and it's my lovely mess. I don't mind working and making a bigger mess especially when I sew! Thanks for commenting!