Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blessed To Serve...Serve To Bless

Nate shared his talent of singing and recited the
Pledge of Allegiance
My heart is full as I write this post. Last night my mission group went to a local assisted living facility to sing and visit the residents. We came away with happy hearts and smiles so wide that every dentist in town would be proud.

We went to be a blessing and came away being the ones blessed. Isn't that the way it always works? This group of people is really something special. They're not shy at all and have their favorite songs, as we all do. How wonderful to look around the room and see them singing joyfully without even looking at their hymn books. We even brought along a couple of our children and grandchildren who entertained in grand style. Children have a way of communicating that is uninhibited. They were a joy to behold.

When asked if there were any who had served in the armed forces of our country there were a few who quickly raised their hand and one man who raised both of his. Can you imagine the sacrifice that would require a young man or woman to give several years of their lives, fight on foreign land or be on a ship for months at a time, never knowing whether they would return home to see loved ones again? And then 60 or 70 years later throw both of your hands in the air with a smile on your face. That has to be because of a cause greater than yourself. These men proudly told us the branch they served in as if they were fresh out of service.

I think that's what our world, our country, is missing. We are so caught up in ourselves. Jesus taught us to serve...He said, "He came to serve, not to be served." He is our example, we are to follow His lead. That's why my friend was so excited about his service to our country. It was not about him, it was about freedom. It was about serving others and putting aside personal preferences and goals and doing something worthwhile that would benefit mankind long after he and those he served with are gone. His sacrifice will not soon be forgotten. The same is true of our Savior except His sacrifice has eternal benefits.

There is so much sadness and destruction, terror and natural disasters but we can't focus on that all the time. We must serve our fellow man where we can. Get involved in your community...serve somewhere...disaster relief...soup kitchens...homeless shelters...battered women's shelters...crisis pregnancy centers...meals on wheels...clothes closets...the list is endless because hurting people are everywhere. And while you're serving them tell them about the One Who can change their life.

I want to be like my friend someday when I'm asked that question about an event in my life where I served the Lord. I want to be able to raise both my hands in the air, and my legs too, if I can get them high enough!;)

May all your days be filled with blessings because you spent yourself out in service on something other than yourself. Your life will be so much richer. If you don't believe me, just go with me next time to visit my friends at the assisted living home. They'll make a believer out of you!

Blessings from My Little Corner,

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