Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weaving A Legacy

I'm not new to writing but I am new to letting anyone READ my writing. Writers are their own worst critic and biggest fan, if that makes any sense. We know the heart and soul behind what we're trying to say. When I go back and read what I've written I often think I write too much about my past, but I think it's because I'm trying to make peace with it.

Logan County, West Virginia
I'm on my own personal journey you might say. A journey of healing and wholeness.

I've just returned from visiting family and old friends in my home state of West Virginia. I even made a visit to my mom's hometown to visit family and what a wonderful day it was.

There's just something about returning to the West Virginia mountains that brings out the little girl in me. A flood of memories washed over me as I made my way home through mountains and tunnels and valleys. Sometimes you see things through new eyes that cause you to pause and take notice.

God reminded me it's much like Biblical times where they built altars to remind future generations of all He had done for them. I want my children to know the blessings and the faithfulness of God to our family.

It's like a beautiful tapestry woven with different colors and blends. One day when it's turned over to reveal the finished masterpiece we'll see the perfect work of a loving God. Our tapestry won't look like anyone else's and that's what makes each one unique. We'll be able to recognize our family tapestry because of every tear shed, every battle won and lost, every moment spent together and every tragedy endured because the One who holds the world has knit us together to form our family, past, present and future.

I want my children to have this legacy to pass down to their children and so on...until the Father turns to the Son...

to be continued...

Blessings from My Little Corner,

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