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Welcome to My Little Corner. This space is where I share my thoughts about my journey in this thing called Life.

Bailey's birthday celebration
I'm a fifty-something, former perfectionist. I say former, however, I'm still working on that one. I love to write and read, and most evenings I'm nestled in a chair in my little corner office…hence, the name of my blog. I also love digging in the dirt amongst the perennials and annuals. You may see me roaming the aisles of the nearest gardening center with my hands full of flowers. Bird feeders and bird houses are placed strategically throughout my garden. I also love missions and music and volunteer through my church in these areas.
One of my flower beds

My family consists of my husband, Earl, and our two children, Andy and Bailey. I have two cats, Livvy and Buck, who rule most of the time.

Although my children have flown from the nest, they live close by and I see them often, especially since Andy's dog, Beau, comes to stay with me every day through the week. They are my joy and it has been a blessing to care for them as a homemaker.
Gift from my dad just before he died

I've learned life's greatest lessons come through trials. If we never experience difficulties, we wouldn't learn how to have compassion for others. My ultimate strength and source of wisdom comes from my relationship with my Creator.

I hope you're uplifted and find words to encourage you in your journey.


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