Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Random make your day brighter

How's your week going? Mine has been a little rough...the book writing process has me peeling back layers of memories and it is ever so painful.

I thought I would do something a little different with my post this week. I got this idea from another blogger and as Solomon said, "There really is nothing new under the sun." I needed this for myself and thought I'd share my randomness with you.

1. It REALLY, REALLY is better to give than to receive.

2. My chicken won the "Chicken Flying Contest" during the Black Walnut Festival in Spencer, West Virginia in the early 1980's. (My picture was in the paper to prove it) :)

3. It's 181 days till Christmas or 182 days till the day after. You choose the one that makes you smile.

4. I may or may not have a lead foot when I'm driving....just sayin'.... ;)

5. Time will not stand still, so enjoy your babies now. There will be plenty of time later for cleaning grout.

Yes, it is what you think it is!!
Does anybody remember the cartoon "Underdog"?
6. I have a chocolate drawer in my kitchen...doesn't everybody?!!!

7. Friends can lighten our load when they share our burdens...I'm blessed with good friends. How about you?

8. I have every birthday card ever given to me...yes, even the ones heralding my arrival in 1959. Does the word "hoarder" come to mind? Oops, I just told my age. ;)

9. This one is for my friend Myrlene...we understand cats are special animals (no matter what Gary says) and some really do talk!

10. I'm in love with the creator of the universe and lover of my soul. Without Him, I would still be in a pit of despair and grief. He gave His life for me and desires an intimate relationship with me, His child. He wants the same with you.

Have a blessed day,

p.s. I hope you're smiling! :)


  1. Cute way to get to know you, Cindy. I hate grout. I hate my babies growing up, too, but not as much as grout. when they are all moved out, I think I'll need a chocolate drawer and will count the days til Christmas.

  2. Thanks Dawn! I just wanted to change it up a little. Thanks for sharing, it helps me get to know a little more about you too! You have a beautiful family and they do leave home before you know it. The empty nest isn't so bad after all though! ;)

  3. Great list. The chocolate drawer is new to me, but I wasn't surprised by the picture of the dog, having met him.

  4. Thanks Laura! You know just how crazy he can be! The chocolate drawer runs in the family as you will soon learn! :)

  5. Definitely made me smile. :). Love you!!

    1. So glad I could make you smile. Love you! :)

  6. Fun list, Cindy! Mine would be even more random. I think there is great joy in randomness. Jo Ann at

    1. Thanks Jo Ann! Sometimes it's good just to corral all the randomness in one place and give it a voice. I sure did enjoy it and plan on making it a regular post...but of course it will be at a "random" time. Thanks for commenting! :)