Thursday, August 28, 2014

2014 0r 1814? My Recent Visit to The Grove

I had an opportunity to visit my favorite inn on my way to the beach recently, The Grove Bed and Breakfast in Marion, South Carolina. Dear friends, Denley and Ann Caughman, are the owners of this gorgeous, historical home.

My stay included overnight accommodations in "Miss Annie's" room, which has been redecorated from floor to ceiling in recent months.

Words can't begin to describe the attention to detail. The elegance, the love of history and southern splendor this victorian plantation home exude are a thing to behold.

After a restful night of sleep, my morning began quite early. I wanted to get a few pictures of Denley preparing breakfast. After all, one doesn't eat a meal cooked on a wood stove in the month of August, in the south, in 2014...1814 maybe, but usually not in 2014.

Pictures needed to tell my story...
Denley preparing potatoes

Denley has been cooking on a wood stove as long as I've known him, nearly thirty years. When my children were babies, and he was our pastor, we'd occasionally have breakfast with their family on Saturday morning. It was tradition for him to cook breakfast on the wood stove, in their modern kitchen, in their modern home. A treat indeed.

He has continued his cooking adventures and joined Ann who is an amazing cook.

Many utensils are original to the home
Servant's Kitchen
                                    The Grove is complete with a servant's kitchen where Denley shares his skill of cooking with others. He teaches classes on cooking gourmet dinners on his wood stove.

Did I mention Ann is a good cook? Excellent is a better word. She has the gift of hospitality and also teaches classes on etiquette to local groups. I've learned much from her through the years on elegance and style. She has a way of making friend and foe alike feel comfortable.

Stepping into the servant's kitchen was like going back in time, but the yummy tastes I experienced were timeless.

Timeless...friendships made through Christ.

I spent the night with these dear friends in their home, but also their place of business. They treated me with love and kindness. yummy as it looks

A weary traveler can find rest for the night but they can also find rest for the soul. Denley and Ann offer so much more, they offer themselves. This bed and breakfast is an extension of who they are. They are servants of the living God and when you stay with them you experience His presence in a subtle, but felt way.

When I left the next day, I left my burden behind and journeyed on my way.

I can't guarantee the same for you, as far as the shedding of burdens, but I can promise you'll have the finest food, served by the finest people I know. And the inn itself, well, you'll need to visit to understand why I love going.

Please share if you've stayed in a similar place, or maybe you've stayed at The Grove. I'd love to hear your comments.



  1. I'm feeling the need to run away. I've only stayed twice in a b&b but have always wanted to return.

    1. Ok Thelma, put the top down and let's go!! I can have my bags packed in about fifteen minutes... ;)