Friday, September 12, 2014

A Dock For Dreaming...

Autumn in the South, what could be better? The blue Carolina sky above beckoned me to sit awhile and soak up the last of summer and the beginning of my favorite time of year.

Life has a way of causing us to stop, or at least slow our pace. I'm a dreamer, I'll admit. I love nothing better than pondering the mysteries of the past and present while trying to anticipate the future. And if water is involved, I can sit for hours. My best writing has come as a result of water.

I sat in a chair on a dock one morning. The sounds caught my attention. Birds were talking to each other, fish were jumping, and waves were gently lapping against the sides of the dock. Cattle came down to feed and get water across the cove. It was one of the most pleasant mornings I've spent in a long while, except for the morning I spent on the same dock with a dear friend.

I asked myself why I don't give myself permission for rest. For some reason I've programmed myself to believe it's selfish to ask for "me" time.

Not only do our bodies need rest, our souls, our minds need rest. We need rest from computers, cell phones, housework, yard work and a myriad of other tasks that call for our attention.

God has given His handiwork, His creation, to enjoy, not just to slave over. I get caught up in the work of gardening but don't enjoy the garden. Does this resonate with anyone?

My time on the dock was, the chair, nature, pencil and paper. Creativity had no boundaries, no schedule, but I did, and I was sad to leave.

However, I will return...

How about you? How do you find rest? How do you carve out time and what are your favorite ways to recharge your soul? I'd love to hear your thoughts. If you link up to she's talking about the same issue this week. Rachel Ann has some great thoughts.


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