Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday This and That...

I'm one of those strange people that love rain so I was happy to wake up this morning to the sound of it as I let my sweet kitty in the house. My morning ritual began with puttering in the kitchen, Bible study, feeding cats and making tea.

I follow several blogs and as I was reading I came across a link that I'm going to share for all the Downton Abbey fans, and I know there are several out there. My friends alone will make a mad dash to this site. I'm still new at blogging so here goes

I think we're all in mourning this week as we tuned in to the final episode of our favorite show. If you're like me you're thinking it's much too long till the next season.

I love tea, teacups, teapots, books...anything associated with the ritual of tea. There is something refined and eloquent in the ritual of tea. I love its simplicity. It requires one to sit and slow down for you can't be in a hurry and hold a teacup. We are in too much of a hurry in our world today. We don't know how to slow down and be still and know.

That's why I love forces me to stop, to be still for at least a little while before my day begins and be still...and maybe Someone can speak to me, if I will listen.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I probably need to drink hot tea again. Anything to make me slow down will be plus. I love the rain, too. I found out today that James likes storms as much as I do and for the same reason, they are calming -crazy I know.

  2. We really are soul sisters...maybe it's our love for gardening. It goes hand in hand. You can't have beautiful flowers without rain. Rain is an excuse to play hookie too! ;)

  3. I too have began a love affair with tea. Especially when I discovered loose-leaf tea and all the different ways you can make it. My favorite is Royal Earl Grey. What is your favorite tea and why?

  4. I love loose leaf as well. Once you've tried it you will prefer it. There was a tea room in Greenville that had a signature blend called Ragamuffin made by Harney & Sons. The tea room closed and now I have to order the tea directly from the lady who owned the tea room. I believe she created the blend herself. It is so good. I'll have to share it with you when you come to visit. You'll see why I love it. I've even taken it on trips with me along with all the accoutrements to brew a proper pot of tea. :)