Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seasons of Change

I wrote the following in my journal a few months ago as the beautiful fall months were upon us and I was in a melancholy mood. The past couple of years have been difficult in our family...seasons of change...illness, death, empty nest. I'd been doing a lot of "pondering," as I like to call it, thinking about change and how resistant we are to change. God, in His wisdom, inspired Solomon to write about it to give us direction when he said in Ecclesiastes 3:1:  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. NIV 

"My little friends are hummingbirds are if they're really mine I say. Well it seems as if they are. For six months or more they visit me like clockwork. They come to the feeder, hover and buzz and drink their fill of the life giving sweetness...they make themselves at home. Sometimes I think they study me as much as I study them. They don't seem to be afraid of me or bothered that we share the same space, in fact, they often hover nearby staring, as if trying to understand me.

It's an interesting bond I have with the hummingbirds. I didn't even realize my connection to this flying wonder until I came outside one morning this week and waited for our morning ritual. I realized they weren't coming...they were gone.

Before I knew it, tears were rolling down my cheeks. These tiny creatures had captured my heart, we'd become friends. We'd shared many mornings of tea and prayer, of birdsong and Beau, of flowers and ponderings and the planning of my day, and now they were gone.

I know the Bible says "There is a time for everything under the sun. There is a season for everything," and I believe every word that is written in His Word, but I sure do miss my little friends. The porch is too quiet. I miss their sounds, their activity, their presence. The hope of springtime to come is that they'll return and we'll pick up where we left off. I know I'll be waiting."

Spring is almost here and I'm readying myself for days spent in my flowers...more pondering while I wait for my friends to return. The melancholy mood has lifted for now and I have new purpose in my days.

I'm so glad there are seasons of life. I want to embrace each season with gratitude to the One Who gave it. Change isn't easy for any of us but there is One Who never changes and Who is always faithful to be there to help us through each changing season of our life and give us purpose and meaning.



  1. I love my birds, too and can't wait for the spring. I've always said that I MUST live where there is a change of seasons, so I like how you brought up the fact that God doesn't change, yet he made seasons to change. YES, I am also grateful that even though we change,he doesn't. He is our comforting constant. Enjoyed this post so much.

    1. He has taught me so much in this season of my life. Hopefully, I won't have to learn it again! We're never too old to learn I guess. I love it that He doesn't give up on us. Thanks for reading and being so encouraging!

  2. I also like to "ponder" about life. I'm glad your melancholy mood lifted. Like Katy, I love living where the seasons change. I love waking up to the birds singing. Praise God for His unchanging faithfulness!

    1. I'm so thankful for being in a place in life to be able to enjoy the little things God gives us. I'm thankful He has awakened my soul to notice and given me joy to replace my sadness. He is good!