Thursday, November 7, 2013

Enjoy the Fall, There's Beauty in the Waiting

Isn't this a beautiful time of year? A season of thanksgiving, change, a season of waiting. We rush past the fall holidays to get to Christmas and then complain about where time went. I love the fall and would stay in this season, but then after awhile it would become mundane and unappreciated. God knew what He was doing when He gave us brief periods to enjoy the unfolding and wonder of His creation.

You could say I'm in the "Fall" of my life ... a time of change, a time of waiting.

When you're raising your family you think they'll be little forever, the laundry will never be caught up and the sports events on your calendar will never end. They do. There was always a project to be done and field trips to drive for and spelling words to call out ... oh, the spelling words, would they ever end? They did.

Then they go to high school and the subjects get more difficult and relationships get more complicated and you think to yourself, "parenting is so hard sometimes." But, you look at the children God gave you, and you know you're blessed beyond belief.

While they were "littles" you made friends in the carpool line and class parties, never dreaming they'd be lifelong friends. Now you share with them over dinner and talk about grandchildren and weddings, jobs and relationships. But your life is still wrapped up in the ones you hold dear to your heart.

God has been good in the waiting ... in the Fall of my life. As my babies have launched and are making a life away from me, there's still time left for me as the leaves change.

My neighbor and I, at my previous house, would chat as we watered our flowers. Andy and Bailey were preschoolers at the time. She was a precious woman, but she would fuss about "little old ladies" and their driving habits. She could not understand why they drove the way they did ... and did I mention she was 75 years of age at the time?!!

As I was walking recently I saw this beautiful tree. The leaves on the inside were still bright green, vibrant, while the leaves on the outside had turned red. It won't be long before they'll be on the ground or swept in a pile.  It reminded me of my neighbor. She saw herself as young on the inside ... much the way I feel. Winter had already arrived for her, but inside, she still felt young and vibrant, not ready to let go of life.

Whatever season of life you're in is a season to live fully. Embrace the gifts you've been given and share with those around you. There's beauty in the changing of the seasons.

The month of November is a perfect time to begin to practice loving with a thankful heart. Grab your "littles" or "olders" and seize the moments.

Change is coming. You can't slow it down, but you can make memories they'll take with them when they go. They last a lifetime.

As for me, I'll continue writing in the waiting...

Have a blessed November,


  1. I love this Cindy...excellent perspective! Embracing the beauty...

  2. Thank you Angela! It really has become a wonderful time in my's taken awhile to get here but the journey has been worth it!