Saturday, June 13, 2015

How I've Learned to Have a Good Day

One of my blogger friends wrote a post recently and listed several ways to be happier in your daily life. It's the simple things we do that make a difference. She inspired me to share a similar list with my readers.

1. Begin your day with an open heart before the Lord. A good devotional and journal are good, but your Bible is all that's necessary. Express your love for Him and thankfulness for blessings, share your troubles, and intercede for those who come to mind. Don't feel guilty if it's 15 or 50 minutes, just do it. Your day will be better for it.

2. Exercise...and I'm not talking about going to the gym and doing an hour of cardio or pilates. Get out and work in your yard, take a walk, jump rope with your children, or pull them in a wagon through the neighborhood. Cut grass with a push mower.

3. Do something for someone else. There really is truth in the old adage, "it's better to give than to receive."

4. My friend included make your bed, and I have to agree. I've made this a daily habit and it's nice to climb in a neat bed at the end of the day. On the rare occasion it's been left unmade, my day has felt rattled. Maybe that's just part of my weirdness.

5. Empty your sink of dishes and wipe off the countertops. It sounds simple, but for me, it helps.

6. Call someone you love and haven't talked to in awhile. A small gesture sure to put a skip in your day.

7. And in that same vein, write a letter to your children for them to find when they get home from school. If your children are grown, write a letter and send by snail mail. Tell them why they are special. The same could be done for your spouse or significant other.

8. Unplug from, phone, television, and connect with people. I promise you will have a better day.

9. Let go of the guilt that you were not all things to all people. There is only One who can fill that role. Let go of the pride that your "to do" list was not completed. If you did Number One on my list your day was a success.

It's your turn, I'd love to hear how you've learned to have a good day. Please share in the comments.



  1. Love this. I agree about the made bed. HAHA and the dishes and of course the exercise. I definitely need to unplug. I also eat healthy food, and that makes me feel so much better.

    1. You are a great role model with exercise and healthy eating. My eating habits are questionable. I guess I need to pay better attention, huh?!! ;)

  2. For several years Drew and I have lived our lives in light of this thought. "Today is my last best day." It causes us to be thankful and productive. To stop and look around and enjoy. To be intentional about life. It enabled us recently when faced with huge medical questions to know that up to that day we had lived our lives well.

    1. That's a wonderful way to view life, in the day to day and also in the big picture. Thanks for sharing! Love you!!