Monday, June 22, 2015

The Greatest Tattoo Artist...

I was laying in bed on a recent Saturday, the early morning light barely peeking through the blinds. One of my cats jumped on the bed and rubbed my hand. I felt to see which cat, but knew from the sound of the jump it was Bucky Boy. I rubbed his head and thought of my children.

I know Andy and Bailey. I can distinguish the sound of my son's footsteps when he comes to pick up his dog over the sound of my husband's footsteps. I'd know the sound of Andy's voice in a chorus of a thousand voices and I recognize the dimple in his cheek as soon as he smiles.

With my eyes closed, I'd know if I were hugging my daughter or a stranger. There's a way she fits perfectly against me, snuggled next to my heart, her head on my chest. I'd know the feel of her hair and her skin without the need for sight.

I know what foods they like, what kinds of movies they prefer. I know one likes to read and the other doesn't. I know they both love the outdoors, and they both adore their dad. He taught them to love the outdoorsy stuff. I know they both love to cook. I know I would give my life for them, yet I've never been faced with that decision.

God knows me far deeper and intimate than I even know my children. The Bible says He even knows the number of hairs on my head. He knew me when I was in my mother's womb. He knows I went barefoot in the grass and got way too many bee stings when I was a little girl. He knows I told all my secrets to my cats. He knows how many nights I cried myself to sleep because He caught all my tears in a bottle. He knows all the times I was disobedient and got away with it. He knows the joy I experienced when I became a mom.

He knows me because I'm His child.

The morning after this post was written, I read this in Jesus Today:

"I have called you by name; you are Mine. No matter how isolated you may sometimes feel, you belong to me...although I have vast numbers of followers, you are not a number to me. I always speak to you by name. In fact, you are so precious to Me that I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands."

We all want to be known by someone. We want to count for something, leave a mark to say we were on planet Earth. The hit television series, Cheers, of the 80's decade, made this line famous, "Where everybody knows your name."

I'm so thankful to the One who knows every star, every galaxy, every tree, bird, or fish in the deepest sea, yet He knows my name and has it inscribed in the palm of His hand. He loves me so much He gave His blood for me, and you. He willingly died for all, even the vilest sinner.

Is your name inscribed on His palm? He shed His blood for you but you must repent of sin and confess Him before you can truly be called one of His children.

My children know how much I love them. We have a relationship. Do you have a relationship with the God who loves you? Do you communicate with Him? His Word was written for you to know Him intimately, as He knows you.

While many long for everyone to know their name, the only one that really counts is the One who holds your eternity in His hands. It  mattered enough that he would inscribe it in His palms.

Now that's a tattoo I'd like to see.


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