Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pictures Tell Our Story

What do we do with memories? Well, if you're like me you store them in your heart and draw upon them when a sight or smell beckons your attention...or maybe an occasion such as a wedding or funeral bring certain memories flooding back. Pictures also have a way of taking us back in time. How many people have you heard make the statement "If my house catches on fire I'm going for my pictures first?" I know I've said it. Pictures are priceless...just ask someone who couldn't get to theirs and I'm sure they'll tell you how much they're worth.

My heart is full from this past weekend as memories of little ones, now grown, are preparing to get married. I wanted to share a story from part of my life through pictures. I had the privilege of co-hosting a Bridal Luncheon at the Swan Coach House in downtown Atlanta. All we needed was a carriage and pumpkin to make the fairytale complete. It was a magical afternoon. The bride's mother and I have been friends for twenty-six years. She is like the sister I never had so her daughters are very special to me.

Very soon she will be a "Mrs"...the youngest of our four children, and so I remember...the years of watching her and her sister grow up with my children. The bonds they share, the memories... and I cry, because that's what I do when my heart is happy. I know she's found her Mr. Right who will love her as unconditionally as is humanly possible, for he has shown himself worthy...and she will do the same.

Her parents will give her away...and they will cry...and life will go on. We have them for such a short time and then it's time to let them go and then move into a new phase of life. It's God's plan for us AND for them.

But for this weekend, we gathered with all her favorite females. We ate yummy food, and took lots of pictures, for this particular group of women will never be assembled together, just like this, ever again. Her aunt, who is a missionary in Africa, was with us. In fact, her grandmother had both her daughters, and all three granddaughters for the weekend. I think she was glowing. Did I say we took lots of pictures?!!

Pictures record the moment, but more importantly, they remind us of our history, capturing moments to be held in our hearts long after the sweet tea and chicken salad is gone.                   
This post is written in honor of my friendship with Lori, a friend whom I can count on through the ups and downs of life. She has been there in everything from the adoption and arrival of my daughter, to the death and burial of my dad. I can count on her godly advice and loving tears of sisterhood in any situation. She loves her girls and would lay her life down for either of them. What an example of a godly mother she has set for them as Emily begins her life as Mrs. Cody, the same example her mother set before her. I love you Emily, and pray God's blessings on your marriage!


p.s. Now a little walk down memory lane if you will indulge me please...
Bride-Elect - Emily and Mother of the Bride - Lori 



  1. Thank you for honoring us today. We all love you and thank God for you. He knew what He was doing all those years ago in Garden City....a lifetime of friendship. Love you Cindy. You and Earl and Andy and Bailey are such a blessing to the four (soon to be five) of us.

    1. Yay, you made a comment! It really was a magical day. Seems like our babies shouldn't be old enough to be getting married but here we are...you and I of course haven't aged a bit!! You are still the young, beautiful mother you've always been. Your family is a blessing to us a well and I can't imagine life without the Williams' family. Em is the first and then they will eventually all leave us and make their own nests. Life will be good!

  2. This reminds me so much of the friendship I have with two special women. We have pictures of our kids through the years, and they are some of my favorites. I especially love the picture you posted of the kids giggling in the bed. There is something about a child in pjs that gets me. Hope loves to look at old pictures. I might regret that my photos are in a big trunk and not in a book, but I don't regret having so many.

    1. I LOVE pj's pics. They melt my heart. Maybe I associate them with smelling good and snuggling but there is something about them, an innocence I think. I love old pics too and as you saw in my little office I have piles of them that I'm going to do something with someday. I think I'm almost obsessed with them. The pic of the girls in the bed is one of my favorites.