Friday, March 1, 2013

The Most Important Book

I have an addiction. There...I said it. I have an addiction to the written word. I love books but magazines will do in a pinch and I've grown to love my Kindle because with a touch of a get the picture.

When I walk into a bookstore and inhale deeply...go with me on this one...the aroma of books and coffee mingled together is almost enough to take my breath away. My heart starts beating a little faster, a smile spreads across my face, my mood immediately lifts and for the next hour or so I am in pure bliss. Yes...I have an addiction, and if many of you are honest with me, you are agreeing with me right now.

When I was a little girl, my hometown of Madison, West Virginia didn't have a public library. It was a wonderful place to grow up though. We had a book mobile that visited the downtown area every other Saturday...and every other Saturday I would faithfully lug all the books my scrawny little arms could carry back to the book mobile. I can still remember my teachers, Mrs. Songer and Mrs. Vandelinde reading aloud to us and instilling a love of reading in me. When report card time rolled around I cared more about the sticker telling my parents how many books I'd read instead of the grades I'd received. These are memories I treasure as well as the teachers. probably doesn't surprise you that my home is full of books. I'm continually organizing, weeding out and sharing. Books educate, entertain and inspire but the most important book by far is The Holy Bible. It is the inspired Word of a Holy God. It has the power to change a life, to rescue the fallen, to heal the broken, the wounded, the weary, the wicked. It has completely changed mine. It has the power to put nations in place and yet gentle enough to heal a broken heart. It is the only path to a secure eternity with a loving Father/Creator. I have many books that I love and read and collect but none that have stayed with me my entire life and that I return to over and over. It has proven trustworthy and its Author is faithful to stand behind every word written from Genesis to the maps. Why not check this book out? The public libraries are stocked and most bookstores nowadays have reading sections with comfortable chairs that you can peruse their books before you purchase and if you're near my little corner you can borrow one of mine!

Many blessings,


  1. I told you that Emily and I sometimes spend our Friday nights at Barnes & Noble until closing time, right? It's great to know someone who is a bibliophile. Books enrich our lives in ways we have never thought possible. I have loaned and, most of the time, given books away that would a person's life in some way.

    I gave up cable television completely and spent the money I saved on more books! How's that for a good tradeoff?

  2. So, I'm guessing you spend money on books the way your mom spends money on fabric?!! Hmmmm, interesting!

    We share a love of books...who would of thought?!! My house is running over with books. I think I will like this Emily! Can't wait to meet her!!

  3. I don't spend beyond my means, but I do enjoy books and the wisdom and knowledge that can be gained from reading someone else's point of view. It's amazing what you will find at a discount used book store as opposed to a chain book store. Yes, we do share a love of books. Emily loves books and tea.