Thursday, August 8, 2013

She Speaks...and She Writes

"Chatting" at She Speaks with Emily Freeman
The last couple of weeks have been busy for me...the kind of can't catch your breath, where did the summer go kind of busy. I'm still coming down from my weekend in Charlotte at She Speaks. In a word, it was OVERWHELMING, yet it was all I could have wanted it to be, and so much more.

The keynotes, workshop sessions, worship times and food were amazing but that's not what will live on in my memory. That special place is reserved for several women, varying in age, background, size and shape. We gathered from the south, the north, the east, the west, the northeast, the northwest, the southwest and two precious girls came from Alaska. One sweet little thing just moved back to her home state from Switzerland. Most of these women left babies and husbands behind to get away to pursue her dream.

All of us are writers...we want to write...need to write...feel called to write. We spent the weekend sharing our hearts, our stories, our fears. Several submitted book proposals...very good book proposals. One day you'll be reading their books. I'm sure of it.

I've had the desire to write since I was a young girl. I've written stories in my head as I've washed dishes, worked in my garden, rocked babies, ironed, walked or any number of chores as a wife and mother. Most of my life I've journaled, but never really got serious about writing. My home and family and other responsibilities were my priority and writing seemed out of reach. Fear also played a significant role. Now that my nest is empty, my time has come. Those things are still a priority but I'm making room for writing as more than a hobby.
We talked last weekend about how hard it is to call ourselves a writer. For me, I think it's because I don't have a degree or certificate hanging on the wall that says, "You are a Writer." My husband has his degree hanging proudly in his office for everyone to see along with awards he's achieved. They clearly identify him as a Land Surveyor. The state of South Carolina and two other states have requirements he has to meet to maintain his license to practice in their states. My concrete mind has a hard time accepting something abstract. my friend Amanda from Alaska, boldly and courageously declared, "I am a writer, I will follow her lead and do the same. "I am a writer. I love to write. It matters not that I ever earn a cent or publish a book (although I am writing a book). I write for the pure joy of encouraging others in their journey in this thing called life."

With that said, I will lay down my pencil and type before I lose my nerve. Thank you for reading and offering your encouragement. You have been "Aaron" to my "Moses" many times when I questioned whether I could really do this.

As for She Speaks...He spoke loudly through 22 other women. He spoke through laughter, tears, smiles, hugs and lattes. He spoke through one woman and her wisdom to draw us together before the conference...women who didn't even know each other six weeks ago and are now sisters in Christ. She listened to Him speak...and now we have the courage to speak and declare our craft.

To my new friends, She Speaks was one of the best weekends of my life and an investment in how I feel God has called me to use the rest of my life. So thank you for sharing your hearts with me and your stories...I will treasure them.

Blessings from My Little Corner,


  1. Cindy, I just returned from the Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference with all of the same fears, hopes, and dreams. I, too, will call myself a writer.

  2. Yay! Jo Ann, you most certainly are a writer! Writers we are then! That feels good just to say it again!

  3. This is your best blog. Do I say that every time? Maybe because you just keep getting better. Or, maybe I can SO relate to this. I never thought about the fact that the fear of saying "I'm a writer," comes from not having a certificate or degree or a name badge. But, even if I never make a dime, "I AM A WRITER!!!"
    Thanks for this, Cindy.

  4. Yes, Katy, you too are a writer... and a very good one at that! I say writers unite and agree from here and forevermore we are writers. You know I'm being over dramatic! However, there is some truth to uniting. Where two or more are gathered...We need to encourage each other in our craft whenever we can! I'm so proud of you for boldly making your declaration!

  5. This was great, Cindy! I feel like I am still coming down from the weekend much to process and write through. :) It was such a gift to meet you and the others in our group. God is GOOD!

  6. Thank you Angela! It was wonderful meeting you too, you have a sweet spirit! Our time together was so special to me. I look forward to keeping up with you through your writing. You can really peer into a person's heart by how they write. Thanks for stopping by...God is so good!

  7. Reading your words makes me miss it so much already! It was such a blessing to meet you and share in a part of this journey together!

  8. You were one of the blessings for me...there's something deep, insightful and sincere about you. You're quiet, yet I don't think you miss a thing. Actually, you probably absorbed much more than most of us. Thank you for reading my words and commenting, that means so much!