Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Turkeys Beware!

I have been replaced by a bird...a large, ugly bird with a beard, a long, scrawny neck and a big wart on his nose. It happens every year during the month of April, my husband's love affair resumes with this particular bird, the wild turkey.
His other love!!!
It began for him as a young boy in the hills of West Virginia. His dad, an excellent hunter, took him along and taught him the skills of turkey hunting and his love of the sport has grown into an obsession, you might say, for life as we know it ceases during this time.

Let me paint a picture for you...

Months before the season opens on April 1st I begin to hear sounds coming from my Ipad that resemble a turkey...and the human voices are always whispering. Do you know how many You Tube videos are on-line for turkey hunters? Let's just say he's tried to watch all of them...and then there are the little wooden boxes that are used to call turkeys...to lure the poor, unsuspecting birds in for the slaughter. Oh, I'm sorry, that was mean. And then if that's not enough he must go scouting for these birds. Are you getting the picture?

Now I say to you, what is the appeal? I just don't get it. I will have to say he's an excellent hunter, just like his dad. Last year he killed his limit, which is five birds. I've actually cooked the birds for him and they're pretty good to eat. He explains to me there is great skill in killing a turkey and I believe him. My dad hunted these interesting birds as well so when he lived with us I may as well have left the room once they got on the subject of turkeys. I guess it's a man thing...

I used the analogy several years ago with shopping. I said, "what if I came in and said I'm going shopping and I have to spend $XXX.XX to shop and then the next day came in and said, I'm going shopping again, and then proceeded to do this for 30 days, except for Sunday, of course, we would never hunt on the Lord's day?"

 I think I made my point!

Word pictures are great aren't they?!!

Actually, I love it that he has hunting as a stress reliever. It's really a way of life for him. It was a way for him to connect with his dad and he loves the outdoors. We settled those issues years ago and he knows I'm very proud of his expertise in hunting and fishing.

But, the poor turkeys better run for their lives because the season in South Carolina opened on April 1st and he's out there. He's been stalking several pieces of land and practicing his calls and he's chomping at the bit to match his total from last year.

Turkeys beware!!

Have a blessed day,
Cindy, the Turkey Hunter's Wife


  1. I could've written this post! Haha. "Whisper Channel" (as I call it), calls and all! I have learned to love how much he enjoys it. Gobble. Gobble. Enjoy your day!

  2. Thanks Alisa! I knew every Turkey Hunter's Wife would identify with me!! He rolled laughing when he read it...he knows the truth when I speak it! I like that, "The Whisper Channel"...I'll pass that along!

  3. HAHA - I love it, and I can imagine the videos. How can something that ugly taste so good?

  4. I've lived with a turkey hunter my entire life since my dad loved it too! But you're right, they sure do taste good! There is also nothing like the smell of one baking in the oven. Oh, the memories it brings to mind...