Friday, January 17, 2014

What or Who Will You Trust?

Trust. It's a simple word. Five letters...easily broken. Difficult to earn back.

Last week I wrote about ruts and how we remain in them because they're comfortable. As I was mulling this over in my mind this week, I realized it goes much deeper. It's also an issue of trust.

We trust what we know to have never failed us. When we find a rut that works, we stay in it. We trust it. It may stop working, or its' purpose may no longer be valid, but we remain because we believe it will not fail us.

Vancouver, Canada

I believe we're born with innate tendencies, and then your experiences shape your behavior. For myself, I don't think I would ever have been adventurous. My teenage years caused me to have trust issues involving security and stability. My family, on the other hand, is a different story.

I'm thinking of my husband and daughter. They're planning a trip right now that involves climbing. High. Really high. There is no mountain high enough, zip line long enough, or trout stream too far, they wouldn't like to conquer. Whereas, Andy and I are more home folk. Andy does like to venture out and travel some, but I love being home. Home speaks security to my heart. For my thrill seekers, they will need trust in each other, and a lot of planning. What wonderful memories they'll make, as well as learning how to get out of their comfort zone to try new things.

But, how many untold people will risk their very lives on a zip line, made by human technology, that could fail, and drop them to their deaths, yet, some of these same people will spit in the face of a loving God who has never failed them...AND offers them life? It's something to think about.

It all comes back to trust. We trust what we know or who we know.

Bailey at Whistler in Canada
God has been teaching me to trust truly trust Him. To let go, and allow Him to lead me on an adventure. My adventure doesn't involve rapids or trout streams or zip lines, though He has taken me to a few mountains and valleys. My adventure is the ride of a lifetime with the God of the universe. He has instructed me to, "Be still and know Him" and, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Has life handed you a mess and you've settled into your own rut simply because you trust it? Maybe you have your own trust issues to work out and you need to decide who or what you can count on. Just remember, there is only one person that is completely trustworthy, and that is Jesus Christ. He will never leave you or forsake you. He wants you to join Him for the great adventure that can only be found in Him. But, you must trust Him.

"Those who know your name will trust in You, 
for you Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You."
Psalm 9:10 NIV

Blessings from My Little Corner,


  1. Another great post. I needed this. Those secure places do keep me from stepping out so often.

    1. Thanks Katy! I'm a master at staying in a rut and missing out on adventure. But, it's never too late for an old dog to learn a new trick!! ;)

  2. AWESOME Momma!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you dear daughter!! You sure have taught me a lot about getting out of ruts and experiencing life to the fullest!! Love you!!