Thursday, January 23, 2014

When Two Little Boys and a Chaperon Steal Your Heart

My intention was to write about Sole Hope, a ministry that puts closed toes shoes on children in Uganda. I was one of the organizers and was sure I'd write about the amazing turnout we had last weekend at my church. But, two little boys and a chaperon changed all that.

My church, Concord Baptist, hosted a Children of World Concert this past weekend. This is a children's choir sponsored by World Help. They bring children to our country who have been rescued out of horrible situations to educate the American people and find sponsors for other children.

It's a wonderful ministry that loves children and seeks to raise awareness of the poor conditions around the world. Their purpose is also to seek sponsorship of children and raise funds through love offerings and donations.

Christian as master potato chef
These little boys, Michael and Christian, and chaperon, Rechelle, walked into our home and then proceeded to walk straight into our hearts.

After we picked them up on Friday evening, I'd planned hamburgers and french fries for supper, thinking that's a meal everyone likes. As I was getting the potatoes out to start the peeling process, Michael, the oldest, comes running into the kitchen and asks if he can help.

So I'm thinking, "do I hand a 10 year old a knife, whom I just met?" Rechelle says it's OK. Before I know it, all three of them have knives and the potatoes are flying everywhere.

The fries never tasted so good.

The best quote of the night came from Michael, he said,"If you're not going to have a wife, you need to know how to cook." Pure joy filled the room as we all belly laughed at that one.

These little boys were polite and well behaved, yet full of life. Smiles were plentiful.

We were blessed to celebrate Michael's upcoming birthday with a cake, complete with eleven candles. He shared he didn't want to grow up. It was such a joy to sit with them around the table talking about their hopes and dreams for the future.

Rechelle and Michael
Because of World Help and their relationship with Jesus Christ, they now have HOPE.

Isn't that what every child needs...HOPE!

If you're interested in helping a child like Michael and giving them hope, here is the website for World Help, Check it out for yourself. It won't take long.

For $35.00 a month you can change the life of one child. You can offer them hope. For the price of one meal at a restaurant in Anderson, or wherever you may live, one hour of your time, you can change a child's life for an entire month...a lifetime of months.

Rechelle, the chaperon, now grown and educated, was one of those sponsored children. Your dollars really do make a difference.

They walked into our lives...and just as quickly...they were gone. But, they made an impact that will last a lifetime. I will see their smiles in my memory forever.

Blessings from My Little Corner,


  1. Hope. It is so important. What a blessing to see the Chaperon grown. A tangible way to see the gifts at work. What an encouragement for this ministry.

  2. I tear up just thinking about the boys and Rechelle. What an impact they all had on our church in just a short amount of time. We all need hope for whatever stage we're in. Were it not for Jesus, none of us would have any hope. We have a message to share!